The augmentation of the Plant works of Pontassieve were performed with the aim of:

1. double the production capacity of the existing plant (plant before 300mc / h works, after 600mc / h) works;

2. integrate the existing treatment plant with new chain of processing steps to improve the characteristics of the water produced.

Pontassieve The facility is placed in a strategic point of the territory as it can use water from the river Sieve (powered directly from the strategic reserves of the reservoir Bilancino) and is located upstream of the major population and industrial centers of the Valdarno (this is the downstream users) in favor of water quality and the ability to power. Today the plant is one of the most important plants in the area managed by Publiacqua S.p.A. along with the Anconella systems (FI), Mantignano (FI), Figline (FI), Falda 1 and Falda 2 (PO), and Pontelungo (PT).


Anaerobic digestion plant


Municipality of Pontassieve


Plant Construction